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Hemp 101

Hemp 101 1-1/4 Organic Rolling Papers Small

Hemp 101 1-1/4 Organic Rolling Papers Small

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Experience the world's first dehydrated organic 100% hemp rolling paper with Hemp 101 1-1/4 papers. This innovative product, made using a flash dehydration system, conserves the natural chlorophyll in the hemp plant, resulting in a uniquely green and flavorful smoking experience. Indulge in the premium quality and smoothness of Hemp 101 organic rolling papers, perfect for the passionate connoisseur. Each box contains 25 booklets, making it a must-have for true hemp enthusiasts.

  • Hemp 101 Organic 100% Hemp rolling paper 1-1/4
  • 44x78mm
  • 40 Sheets of Leaves Per Booklet
  • 25 Booklets Per Box


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